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We all know that salwar kameez is the most essential part of every women’s wardrobe. It is also known as the most alluring attire for all women as it appears to be very flattering to a woman’s body. Its unique ethnic design of clothing reminds us of glorious historic tradition of Indian culture during the period of royalty. Basically, a salwar, is a kind of loose trouser which is paired up with a long kurta known as kameez. It is usually worn by all women and girls, irrespective of their age, and also makes us feel comfortable. The fabrics from which these outfit is been made such as cotton, georgette, silk, etc. are of excellence quality and contains amazing and pretty variations in them.

Therefore, today there is a huge market for the new dresses with unique and pretty designs in it such as Salwar Kameez Dress. These attires not only make the ladies look gorgeous and attractive but also lure them to showcase their figures. Today, every woman can enjoy with their perfect figure. It is ruling hearts of millions of people not only in India, but all across the world. And if we want to buy those salwar kameez in colour set, then wholesale color set is the best option for that. Colour set basically means that salwar kameez will come in four different colours but of exactly same designs. These are some time very useful when one design is very much in demand and different colour of that design is made for the women which is known as colour set of that design.

These colour ladies dress is gaining popularity because it provides various colour options to the people in one design. And as we are well known with today’s generations fashion craze, where some people like to buy all colours of one design just because they are in love with that design so much. This set contains many types of salwar kameez in it such as printed salwar kameez, embroidered salwar kameez, or heavy anarkali suit, leggings, and many more. Let us first talk about printed salwar kameez. These printed salwar kameez looks very classy and amazing in any casual parties or get togethers. Printing is done on fabrics like cotton, georgette, chiffon, etc. For example, prints like monuments, leaf, flowers, or any other designs in perfect color contrast are printed on the kurta. The salwar in matching color gives a unique look to the salwar suits. These dresses with amazing prints on them not only enhances the beauty of women, but also show case their figure perfectly which is the wish of every women. These elegant traditional dresses are known for their beauty and charm which it provides to a women. There are many prints which are done on salwar kameez and the most popular now a days is digital printing. Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. You can print any image through this method of printing. There are many more prints such as block prints, floral prints, etc. These are available in different colours with same prints in wholesale color set.

Next is embroidered salwar kameez. Embroidery is an art of decorating fabrics with threads, wire and needle. This brilliant attire is designed by adding very different types of embroidery like zari work, cutwork, sequin embroidery, handwork, mirror work, pita work, kutch embroidery, kashmiri embroidery and many more which possibly cannot be count. The most popular is Phulkari embroidery. This embroidery is usually considered with flower designs and has been arrived from punjab. This work is done from white or yellow silk on cotton fabrics.This design is mostly liked by womens as it gives a attractive and fancy look to them. Next is Sequin embroidery. Sequins are usually made up of colourful metals in small disk shaped beads or various geometric shape. It makes a boring fabrics look very attractive and interesting as well. This kind of embroidery gives a shimmering effect to the outfits which is the main reason why it appears very attractive and is mostly liked by the women and young generations as this shimmer and glitter is gaining very popularity in todays trend of fashion. There are many more embroideries which looks very elegant on a colour set salwar kameez.

Now comes heavy anarkali suits. Today this outstanding apparel is a beloved fashion garment across the India, due to the comfort, elegance and versatility which it provides. The designs contains beautiful hand crafted embroidered patterns like Phulkari and Resham as well as ethnic motifs.. An attractive feature of this outfit is that you will find variations for many different occasions. This can be worn in all types of occasions such as festivals, birthday parties, wedding functions, get togethers, traditional rituals or any other functions. This will always give you an elegant and glamourous look everywhere. And this is not only available in salwar kameez, but also in sarees as well. Saree is one of the main factor of the today’s modern fashionable world.

It is a must wear apparel for women who want to look fabulous and yet simple and sober. Sarees in wholesale color set comes in same prints or embroideries or designs but varies in colours. We usually see that most of the Indian women are in love with these elegant sarees regardless of their craze for the Western tradition. These sarees are getting really popular day by day and women from various ethnicities and backgrounds have started to demand these sarees. These sarees are made up of fabrics such as cotton, silk, net, georgette, and many other amazing fabrics. These sarees also contain all types of prints and embroideries which are done in salwar kameez. It is getting very popular now a days and is has become the first choice of almost every women or a girl if going for any ethnic occasions. And not only in ethnic occasions, this classy apparel also supports you when you want to look smart and classy at your office or meetings. You can definitely wear it as formal wear.