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When we talk about single pieces, there are many options which comes in our mind. Such as anarkali suit, Pakistani salwar kameez, long gowns, Kurtis, lehengas, salwar kameez, sarees and many more apparels. Let us first talk about Kurtis. We all know that in today’s fashionable generations, Kurtis are the most favorite attire to wear at any occasions such as parties, festivals, wedding rituals, get together and what not. It is the basic fact that women keep their comfortness on first priority and then everything else. And that is why, women are crushing over these Kurtis which gives them the comfort which they want. This beautiful attire is season friendly and can be worn in all seasons. Next reason is that it is affordable to every one as it suits every one’s budget. You can buy a casual Kurtis at very less price and at the same time, heavy Kurtis at much higher price. Another reason which proves that why it is so popular is that it is very versatile. It comes in many varieties and styles. The most famous in today’s western culture is anarkali Kurtis which comes in many designs and cuts. This anarkali Kurtis are going on since ancient period where the royal people and queen of Mughals and other regions used to wear this anarkali. This Kurtis suits on every body type of women without discriminating whether they are thin or plus sized. This Kurtis are made up of many different fabrics such as georgette, cotton, rayon, net and many more. The first most popular type of anarkali kurti is fish tail kurti. This style consists of longer tail like look at the back. Basically it means that the front flares are somewhat higher as compared to the back and this is the reason why this style looks like a fish tail. It looks extremely beautiful on all the beautiful and glamourous girls. Next most popular style is cape style anarkali kurti.

This style is being quite popular in today’s trend. This usually consist of a cape around your upper part of the body which is usually made up of fabrics such as net, georgette, silk and many more. Another one is layered anarkali Kurtis which basically consist of many layers in it. It is usually paired up with a simple lehenga and sometimes, contains embroidery in it to enhances the look of this kurti. Another is party wear anarkali kurti which comes with shimmer and shine and a sparkle of glitter in it which is very perfect for all kind of parties. is jacket- anarkali kurti. From the name itself, we can suggest that this kurti consist of a jacket. This can be a short jacket, long jacket, or a medium jacket attached with the kurti. Next we will talk about salwar kameez. We all know that it is the most comfortable and elegant outfit for women. They come in various categories such as designer salwar kameez which is heavily and beautifully designed for all type of occasions. Next is embroidered salwar kameez which contains many different embroideries such as cut work, zardozi work, Kutch embroidery, mirror work, sequin work, gotta work and many others which look very attractive and gives a traditional touch to the outfit. Then it comes printed salwar kameez which comes in any kind of prints such as abstract print, floral prints, digital printings of motifs such as monuments, leaves, or any kind of prints which looks very trendy all the time. Now a days, Pakistani salwar kameez is also ruling the fashion industry. It is gaining popularity all over the town including television shows. The suits have printed patch necklines or colorful embroidered designs that are amazing and glamourous and thereby enhancing the look of the dress. Now a days, most of the women has started wearing Pakistani suits. These salwar kameez are decorated with sophisticated patterns and prints through hand work and machine work. They have the capacity to add glamour in your daily life to some extent. They are made more beautiful and glamorous with a wide range of colors, styles and prints. It has very unique prints in it. Next is all about sarees. Sarees is basically the most elegant and ethnic type of apparel that is found in every woman closet. When we have a glance at both modern and traditional fashion, sarees has fixed its position in the top list of women clothing. It contains unique and attractive designs. Light weighted georgette sarees is the most popular choice in Indian wear. It is also a perfect option among young generation to cover up the gap between westernization and traditionalism in their Indian apparel. Many centuries have passed; but still saree is one of the most popular apparel in India and almost everywhere. It can be worn by all the women and girls, irrespective of their age. Usually, Sarees are available in many variety of colors and fabrics; however, georgette fabric is one of the most chosen and popular fabric. It is also available as wholesale single pieces from many wholesalers which benefits you as they have low prices when compared to others.

Another sub category is the most gorgeous and alluring outfit which is ladies dress. It is basically an evening gown with its long flowing material and can be worn in all type of heavy occasions such as weddings, parties, festivals, etc. They are usually made up of rich and luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, organza, net, satin, or chiffon. Silk is a popular fabric for many evening gowns. Fabrics varies from rich brocades and velvets to light weight chiffons. Evening wear, sometimes also known as court dress is based on its creation at royal courts, and had its origins in the 15th century. An evening gown is very essential in every woman’s closet to enhance the beauty. As holidays are nearby, there may be many special events and parties on the way and it is the most perfect choice for you.