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Kalamkari Cotton Dress Material

The "kalamkari" method, an ancient Indian technique, is used to print complex artworks on fabrics and other materials. Expert craftsmanship is applied using a Persian pen term called "kalam" to select textiles, including cotton and mixed materials of silk. It is the intricate details and indigenous artwork that make it one of the most conserved Indian arts within the textile history archives.

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It can be difficult to achieve perfection when the outfit isn't a simple, basic fabric, like a saree. Western clothing can be a laborious process. The graphics can be either block-printed or hand-painted in natural colors on the dress. This unique Indian printing art has attracted international media attention, and women around the world are enjoying it.

Kalamkari Dress Material Wholesale

We are proud to introduce to you our newest fashion trends with our Kalamkari dress materials. These unique patterns are created using a variety of materials, including silk, rayon and cotton. The textiles are also able to enhance the appearance and comfort of a Kalamkari gown, despite the royal handprint. Textileexport is the leading supplier of kalamkari dress materials.