A ladies gown is classically called an evening gown for its long flowing form and wearing it to a formal occasion. They are usually made up of rich and luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, organza, satin, organza or chiffon. Silk is a popular fibre for many evening gowns. Ladies’ evening dress of the 1890s highlights an hourglass figure. Fabrics range from rich brocades and velvets to light weighted chiffons. Evening wear, sometimes also known as court dress based on its creation at royal courts for women has its origins in the 15th century and clothing was still used as an identifier of social rank and status.

The dazzling court life of the 16th century with its concentration on art, literature had created a fertile environment for feminine formal clothing. Stylish and fashion-conscious rulers of the period normally preferred the ladies of the court to wear extravagant dresses. Rich fabrics highlight the nobility. Silk fabric was the first to become fashion for who could afford it. Ladies gown wholesaler or Evening dresses for court festivities were usually made up of rich woven silk and adorned with expensive furs to demonstrate the wearer’s social status.

The Italian Court culture was best in style and elegance all over Europe. The fashion has changed drastically during the 19th century. The change was very fast than any other period of gown evolution in this century. The primary reason was the increase in its demand with public and resultant innovation in fashion designing. Today, the ladies gown wholesaler designs and shapes are highly evolved with many different variations depending on your cut, shape and figure.

Evening dresses are generally classified into following types or styles:-

Sheath: This gown is like the usual sheath dress which is designed to fit the body tightly. It generally has a straight drape. It may have shoulder straps or can be strapless. These long gowns with body fitting designs will enhance your curves and will make you look absolutely beautiful. These gowns are great for the one who is not very tall, but wants to give that effect.

Traditional Gown: This is among the most famous designer long gowns. There are varieties of traditional gowns such as full length Anarkali which almost looks like a gown that often comes with a salwar; however, the salwar is not visible. Now-a-days it is more in during weddings or more ethical events. If you are going in a traditional event but want to experiment with your apparels by wearing something other than a saree or a salwar suit, this is a completely stylish option with a fusion of western and traditional style.

Mermaid dress: Mermaid as the name suggests means that the gown is shaped like a mermaid. It is fitted at the top, and the skirt is designed to resemble a mermaid's tail in silhouette. The skirt may or may not be of that same color or texture as of the top.

A-line: This beautiful A-line style gown is something like bell-shaped, it is close-fitting at the top and widens at the bottom, without any pleats. This plain look makes it simple but glamorous in appearance.

Trumpet: In this type of gown, it is tightly fitted until it reaches the knees, and then it flares for an elegant appearance.

Empire: This gown is somewhat like the waistline coming up to just below the bust from where the skirt drops straight as well as loose, in a simple breezy style.

Ball Gown: it is known among one of the most popular dresses, as this gown will make you feel like a princess. These gowns will definitely make you look stunning. You can wear them at your wedding reception, engagement party, or in a formal event.

Dropped waist: The waistline in this dress is dropped below the actual waistline. The skirt can be variable, fitted or flared.

An evening gown is mandatory in every woman’s wardrobe to enhance her beauty. As holidays are nearby there may be a large number of special events and parties on the way. And you may want to look beautiful and stunning for them. You may be worrying about selecting the gowns and if you are plus size, the concern would be more. Now days, there are many kind of evening gowns for plus size women. Earlier the dresses were not as versatile for bigger ladies. There were only limited designs and cuts for plus size ladies before. But now the time is completely changed as now the market is filled with a lot of slimming attires that makes the bigger ladies look more stunning.

These gowns are the best apparels to show up at an event or a party with all the elegance and glamorous looks. The gowns have always remained for a long time with heads high even in the ever changing world of fashion. However, this changing trends and styles also bring in many changes for the gowns with exciting colors and designs.

Some people believe that clothes define your personality while others say that your personality is what defines you. No matter in which category you fall in, you have to agree that clothes will definitely help you to make your last and first impression. When it comes to attending an event, it is a smart and stylish idea to select designer party wear gowns.

Though there are few things which are important to consider while buying the gown like the perfect silhouette that goes with your body structure, appealing colors which matches your texture, comfortable fabric, the price that would it come within your budget. The most essential thing while choosing a gown is that one should choose that one which can give you glamorous look. And all this conditions will meet at one place which is Textile Export where you don’t have to compromise with anything.