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Like other aspects of Indian culture, weddings have undergone remarkable change over time. Even more than other factors, India's rich past has had an impact on weddings. In reality, the impact that the numerous empires had over the subcontinent is what gave rise to the many wedding customs, a broad variety of wedding attire designs, as well as the superb needlework that is famous around the world.

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When the nine-yard marvel that we are so accustomed to was first worn as loincloths. Similar attire is also shown in Indian epics, which were written after the Indus Valley civilization. In literature from the era, beautiful women were depicted wearing silks that were set with gold and diamonds. Any wedding celebration's primary emphasis is wedding gowns since they signify a big transformation in a person's life. The appearance of the bride and groom on their special day is highly important to them. The groom's outfit, on the other hand, generally follows the same patterns and styles from season to season.

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