Mysore silk saree

About Mysore Silk Sarees

The name itself describes what actually we are going to talk about right? Ladies lehenga sarees are kind of half skirt, half pallu pattern. It was introduced in 20th century okay so not older. But still it’s quite young and barely people knows about this pattern, it is very easy to wear with Mysore Silk without any pleating. It gives you same look as you wear a Mysore Silk but with very efficient way. It can be as simple as you want to even vice-versa. It is a new trend of sarees in new fashion gifted in India. This is an ethnic mix of the traditional sari and a Mysore Silk Sarees. It is normally 4.5 metres to 5.5 metres long and to wear one, unlike a sari, one doesn't have to form pleats but may simply hold and drape.

Apparently Mysore silk saree is worn over a type of inner called “petticoat” along with designer blouse. The Sometimes ordinary blouses are also matches with it. The choli is mostly of “backless” style, deep neck, or a halter neck style. As with choli worn with the saree, there are also gorgeous Mysore Silk saree which lead to a ready-made sari that came from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear party garment. Stitched as a long flared skirt with a zip at the side to get a perfect shape, it is made to the measurements of the wearer.

Embroidery and embellishments

Various types of embroidery patterns are employed according to it. Bagh, Chikan, Kashida, Kasuti, Kantha, Sozni, Shish, Zardozi, etc. are some of the commonly practiced types of embroidery in the Wholesale Mysore Silk sarees

Bagh is a special kind of needlework done by women in Punjab to be worn during festivals, traditional functions and weddings. Bagh embroidery completely hides the base fabric and is a very heavy kind of embroidery. This embroidery is lovely as often the cloth is hardly detectable and only the beautiful embroidery is easily seen. Please don’t this one with Embroidery as they different compared to Mysore Silk Sarees

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Wearing Style

Compared with traditional sarees, the method of draping this style is relatively simple and hassle-free. The plain end is tucked into the petticoat/in skirt and wrapped once completely around the waist similar to wearing a regular saree. Whereas pleats would be made in a sari, at this point with the lehanga style one continues to push in the wrap without making any pleats. Fold are replaced with embellished panels at the front, which imparts a flared silhouette that is its characteristic. Finally, the pallu is draped over the shoulder

The only difference between them is that it doesn't require folds to be formed at the front. Few of them come with side hooks too.

Keeping all aspect in mind, we manufacture Mysore Silk Sarees just the way it should be and provide same at wholesale price all over Indian and globe. Supplier are extremely satisfied with our services because we focus in give high level designs. Till now we have made multiple Wholesale Designer Mysore Silk Sarees catalog matching to 2017 trends.

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