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Compared to a pair of light, loose, pleated pants called a salwar, which is often worn by women with a kameez and has a tapered fit around the ankles, a churidar is more fashionable and appealing (the two combined are known as a salwar kameez). A pair of pajama-like pants known as a churidar is typically cut long so that the lower leg gathers in folds and tapers to a snug fit at the calf and ankle.

For the longest time, women have only had these two options for bottom wear when purchasing wholesale Kurtis online. A Ghagra or lehnga might be useful for occasions that are more formal. Long, flowing skirts called ghagras are popularly embellished with bells, mirrors, and needlework. Even though they now feature more modern surprises, they are still very popular.


A style of wide-legged, comparatively enormous pants is the palazzo. When wearing palazzo pants in the summer, long pants are a must. Your entire outfit will look stunning and feel airy and light. Pallazo pants are becoming a staple in every woman's wardrobe this season. They go well with long, straight kurtas, but you may also experiment with short shirts, crop tops, and a variety of other tops. We have the best Kurti Wholesale price with catalogs.

Their more ethnic relative are the SHARARAS, which are loose-pleated pants worn with a chunni and a Kurti or a shirt. Ideal for those who choose not to wear the conventional lehngas to weddings.


The flared skirt is an ancestor of the Indian ghagra. On the catwalks, they have always been fashionable! To make the skirt look classy, wear it with straight-cut Kurtis and experiment with different styling methods. A stole made of fabric that has been crushed will improve the look. Depending on the pattern and fabric, the style can be modified for everyday wear or special occasions.

When you put on pants or trousers, you instantly project a professional yet stylish appearance. Women can wear kurtas with slacks for formal or casual situations, and the most common types to be seen are those made of silk, cotton, polyester, or linen. There are a number of options, including printed, embellished, and straightforward solids. They look wonderful with either straight lucknowi Kurtis wholesale or even long, flowing ones, regardless of the design. Even a short shirt will look great with straight pants. We also have Lucknowi Kurtis Wholesale.


In the summer, dhoti pants are a highly fashionable and cozy option for bottom apparel. Dhoti pants are lighter than other fitting bottoms like pajamas, allowing the skin to breathe and regulating body temperature. Unexpectedly, these dhoti pants have traveled across borders and been seen on runways abroad. They are not only intricate and lovely to look at, but also wonderfully comfortable to wear. You can also check out our Wholesale Plus size Kurtis Online India.

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