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Wholesale Cotton Dress Materials

COTTON is smooth and fully staple fabric which is world’s most popular and mostly wearable clothing. It is soft, smooth like soft wool which is obtained from a plant of the same name. Indian cotton is the second largest product in the world. It is collected from the plant and it can be made into thread and after it can convert in clothes for people and many other things. Cotton dress materials are very nice to wear mainly in summer and every season. It is natural and oldest fibre under human cultivation. Without this material textile industry is nothing so from the past centuries cotton fabric is being a part of human being and their culture. It makes feel silky or rough, smooth or textured, thick and sheer and luxurious because of these properties people choose it for their clothing collection every time.

There are many types of Wholesale Cotton Dress Materials like broadcloth, canvas, chambray, chenille, chintz, corduroy, damask, denim, flannel, gingham, jacquard, knit, lawn, oxford, percale, poplin, sateen, sheers, twill, velvet and many more.

Broadcloth: Broadcloth plain, very smooth, flat looking ,tightly and light weight woven cotton cloth material. It is very popular type of dress fabric. It has many different types like banat, Bridgwater, castor, cealtar, dunster, Georgian cloth, haberjet, habit cloth, lady’s cloth, poole cloth, suclat, superfine, tami, taunton, tavestock, and western dozen.

Canvas: Canvas is an extremely plain woven fabric, which is made from combination of pure cotton and linen fabric, although in past it was made from hemp. It is used for making backpacks, sails, tents, marquees, and other item related to clothing industries. It has mainly two basic types one is plain and second one is duck, and sub types are dyed canvas, fire-proof canvas, stripe canvas, water proof canvas, waxed canvas etc.

Chambray: Chambrays are of two coloured thread woven together with a unique texture and depth of colour. It is lightweight cotton fabric that combines coloured and white thread yarn. It’s a special fabric for your spring and summer season wardrobe.

Chenille: It is a fuzzy cotton yarn and fabric. It is soft fabric which is light weighted as well as heavy weighted. This material looks completely like what means in French a caterpillar because of its softness.

Chintz: This is glazed cotton. It’s originally glazed calico textile which is mainly produced in India, with feature flowers designs and other designing patterns in various colours on a light plain background. It is so famous in European countries in wearable collection.

Corduroy: This is a textile composed of twisted fibre material. It is commonly composed of tufted cords. As a fabric, this is considered as a durable cloth. It has three primary types first is standard wale, second is pincord, and third one is printed/pigment dyed corduroy.

Damask: Damask is figured fabric of silk, linen cotton or synthetic fibres. It is pattern formed by weaving. This fabric is produced by five basic weaving techniques –tabby, twill, lampas, and tapestry. Most damasks were woven in single colour with lustrous warp-faced satin. Two colour damasks had contrasting colours and polychrome damasks added gold and other metallic threads with additional colours.

Denim: Denim has the test of time and continues to captivate of textile. It is a cotton warp textile in which the weft passes under more than two threads. Construction wise denim is a twill fabric with much softer and lighter for wear.

Flannel: It is a soft woven cotton fabric, of different fineness. It may be brushed to create extra softness or remain unbrushed. This is made from wool and wrosted yarn and now it is made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre. It has four types baby flannel, Canton flannel, Ceylon flannel, and diaper flannel.

Gingham: It is yarn dyed and woven checks fabric with medium light weight balanced plain woven material made by dyed cotton or blend yarn. It has one advantage that gingham has not right or wrong side with colour.

Jacquard: It is the category fabric which is made by jacquard loom machines, which produces elaborate, figured weaves. And it makes range of different weight clothing collection with great feel.

Knit: Knit fabric is stitched, stretchy fabric made by interlocking thread loops. It is stretchable fabric which can be made of natural fibres like cotton, wool, hemp, silk, or linen. It has three types jerseys, interlocks and rib.

Lawn: Lawn is a plain weave textile, originally of linen and chiefly cotton. It is designed by high count yarns, by which gives silky, untextured feel. It is plain weave fabric. It is sheer, lightweight, crisper fabric. Lawn can be white, or may be dyed or printed.

Oxford: This soft cotton fabric is widely used to make the classic shirt, skirts, pyjamas, and sportswear.

Percale: It is narrowly woven plain weave fabric with medium weight, silky with no shine and warps washes. It is made by both yarn combed yarn and carded yarn.

Poplin: It is strong fabric in plain weave of blend. It is also called tabbinet fabric material. It is treated with a solution that shrinks part of threads to create effect. It is a fine horizontal rib effect on the surface with high thread count.

Sateen: It is a cotton fabric weave cotton with a smooth, lustrous surface. Warp yarns are floated over weft yarns as remain four over and one under. This mean the threads are mostly on one side of the material for giving its smooth look.

Sheers: Mainly for summer party dresses sheers fabric material is hot favourite in this modern time wearable collection trends, using thin thread. Sheer fabric is used in apparel, dancewear, lingerie, stockings, and tights such as in wedding gowns and formal costumes.

Twill: Twill is durable fabric that means it is a textile weaves with pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

Velvet: It is a woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed with pile and give it rich and distinctive feel. It has many types like chiffon velvet, cisele, crushed, burnout velvet, embossed velvet, hammered velvet, lynos, mirror, nacre, panne, pile on pile, plain, Utrecht, velveteen, voided and wedding ring velvet.

Regarding of these all types of cotton dress materials in your clothing, you can always tell that it is indeed cotton, because of its unique feeling and texture. Cotton material is great for every wearable collection. It lets your skin breathe.