Shibori Sarees Wholesale

Shibori tie-dye is an ancient art form that is known for its beautiful patterns. Shibori sarees are created using this idea. These threads are highly regarded by Indian women because of their classic beauty. These garments can be worn for any occasion or function.

Shibori sarees are a fine example of the skill involved in creating them. Folding or twisting of the material creates eye-catching patterns. These patterns can be geometric or organic. Each saree has its own unique beauty due to the way colors, motifs and patterns interact. Shibori sarees can be worn to formal events, parties and get-togethers. Textileexport is the leading dealer of shibori sarees wholesale. You can also find different varieties of soft silk sarees like banarasi silk sarees wholesale. Our other collection rather than silk sarees is party wear sarees or designer sarees wholesale.