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Indian fashion is a treasure trove of rich garments and beautiful textiles. The kinds of beautiful clothes worn in India cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There is a tremendous amount of variety to choose from, but relatively the single most iconic Indian garment is the silk saree. This attire is uniquely placed in the ethnic and international market. On one hand, it is one of the most traditional outfits in India. Many of the most beautiful regional varieties have been produced for many centuries and are steeped in royal associations. On the other hand, these wholesale pure silk sarees are also associated with a very classy and elegant aesthetic and have become an international hit because of the effortless way in which they combine traditional techniques with gorgeous designs. Thus, they appeal to women of all ages and differing fashion sensibilities. They are commonly seen at traditional Indian weddings as well as high end parties or even red carpets The traditionalists and textile enthusiasts always go for wholesale pure silk sarees over any other variety. As the name suggests, these are garments woven using only pure silk. Even within this category there are many different varieties to choose from. The type of silk can vary from Tussar or Eri to Dupion and Jacquard, each of which have a different aesthetic and look. The ways the designers or tailors use to stitch silk saris is way different as per different regions. These are some of the finest sarees in the country and are widely coveted for their colorful, lustrous look and intricate designs. wholesale pure Silk sarees belongs from south India; other cities are also famous for the pure quality of silk

Nowadays, appealing for those gorgeous attires in our nearby market is not a hard job at all because of its demand and people who believe in traditionalism. Women can easily browse any ethnic outfits, such as silk wholesa;l sarees, online and then have their choice delivered right to their doorstep. On the other hand, many modern women prefer to wear art silk made with artificially produced silk. These garments are comparatively more artistic and different because of the properties of the artificial fabric. They are much more affordable and usually come with more modern, western designs. Sarees tend to have a special place in every Indian lady's heart. In fact, they are such an elegant piece of attire that ladies of different cast, creed and nationalities all over the world happen to be in awe of them The fabric-Silk, is actually formed after a series of sincere efforts and hard work by the fabric manufacturers. Silk worms are reared to obtain silk shreds which are then weaved into sarees. Manufacturers have to undertake a slow and strenuous process to create beautiful silk wear. But since, pure silk wears are quite expensive, manufacturers mix pure silk shreds with other synthetic yarns to make affordable options for serving varied classes of customers. Pure silk carries an inherent sheen to it which makes them a clothing class apart

Indian silk garments hold a genuine repute all over the world and this is precisely the reason why silk saree busi ness is flourishing by leaps and bounds in India. Though besides India, China also happens to be a major silk exporter for the entire world but no one can beat the kind of variety India offers in silk fabric and silk garments. There is a plethora of silk saree options belonging to different states in India. Banarasi, patola, jamdani, jamavar, kanjivaram, garhwal, samu silk are a few mentions from the long list of silk saris available in India. In the s outhern part of India, a considerable section of population is indulged into silk garments business. Be it the rearing of silk worms or the weaving of sarees business form an integral part of primary occupation even in the remote parts of southern part of India sarees make wonderful wedding wear as these remain the first choice for a typical Indian bridal look. Simple wholesale silk sarees become all the more alluring with the fine craftsmanship done on these sarees. Whether it's a glittering zari border or finessed hand embroidery on silk, such additional designing enhances the charm of silk sarees manifold. Though, the latest trend to hit the markets these days is the service of customized silk saris. The silk garments manufacturers and designers now offer the customer to get a customized saree designed as per the particular choice or requirement. The color combination and design on silk can be tailor made to serve the fancies of customers. Pure silk is class that is worn with pride and rejuvenates the beauty more. Typically some of females envy about your clothing for instance if you look pretty stunning for the night, all that blabber “aunties” start gossiping about you, flaunts and make you feel that you are “Actually looking pretty”. To get this felling every time the pure silk saree is the best option you could have, through textileexport you can get a full catalogue either for yourself or for your customer, beloved etc. at a wholesale price and a best rate