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Patola sarees wholesale: Buy patola silk sarees wholesale online via a manufacturer and supplier located in Surat, Gujarat, India. Original traditional Rajkot patola sarees collection in multiple designs

The Indian sari is the definition of culture. It stands for India's rich history and traditions. Indian sarees use their patterns, designs, and motifs to tell the tales of many regions of the country. Whether designer or conventional, sarees give a woman a heavenly and angelic appearance. The Patola saree is the most distinctive and unusual of all traditional Indian sarees. It embodies Gujarat in its entirety. It tells the story of India's long-forgotten past.

"Queen of Silks" is the Patola Silk Saree. One of Gujarat's best handloom silk saree variations is the patola. In fact, Patola silk sarees wholesale used to be so pricey and gorgeously rich that Gujarati noblewomen were the only ones to wear them since they saw them as a symbol of wealth and monarchy. The two most common Patola saree varieties are. Both Patan Patola and Rajkot Patola sarees fit this description. A single ikat Patola saree made in Rajkot. A double ikat Patola saree is the Patan Patola saree. Due to the identical motifs on both sides of the fabric, Patan Patola sarees can be worn from any side.

Patola Sarees Manufacturers

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Patola Sarees Wholesale

The majority of ladies favor wearing this saree for significant events like weddings. This Indian saree is revered and regarded as lucky in various cultures. This saree's design takes a lot of time and effort. It requires months to prepare because it is hand-weaved. This Indian saree is worn on many holy occasions because it is seen as lucky. These Indian sarees are also said to bring luck and shield the family and the neighborhood from evil. These sarees are regarded as being a component of stridhan in Gujarat. As a result, the bride receives this saree as a wedding gift. It comes in a variety of motifs and patterns. The arrangement of lotus flowers, leaves, and buds is thought to represent fertility. Textile Export has the best collection of Patola Sarees Wholesale at low prices.

In light of this, women opt to purchase this style of saree as a long-term investment that might even be handed down down the generations. A Gujarati patola is claimed to withstand use but not tears; as a result, the color will never fade. textile Export is very popular for its best Surat Wholesale Saree Market Catalogs at affordable ranges.

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